Looks like the 94,000 people who signed that ridiculous petition to have CNN host Piers Morgan deported for his stance on US gun control laws may get their wish: In a column posted on the UK's Daily Mail website, Morgan proclaimed that he would leave the country if nothing changed.

"I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me," Morgan wrote. "Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself." 

In the column, Morgan explains when his stance on US gun control laws originated, and expressed his disdain for how easy it is to acquire weapons in the country. From the post:

My campaign against America’s gun laws didn’t begin two weeks ago when Adam Lanza committed his carnage. It began a week before I went on air for CNN, in January 2011. A US Congresswoman called Gabby Giffords was shot in the head by another deranged young man at an outdoor event in Tucson, Arizona, and miraculously survived. Six others, including a nine-year-old girl, were murdered.

It was a horrifying incident but, to my astonishment, nothing happened as a result. A week or so of debate and furrowed brows, and everyone went on with life.

Since then, I’ve watched in despair as the volume of gun-related massacres has escalated. (Six of America’s 12 worst-ever mass shootings have occurred since 2007, when I first came to America to work as a judge on America’s Got Talent.) And I’ve been shocked at how America’s politicians have been cowed into a woeful, shameful virtual silence by the gun lobbyists and the all-powerful National Rifle Association in particular.

Morgan continues by slamming critics for "sneering" at him when he tried to stand up to the NRA on his show. "My argument with guns is not based on some universal, pathological hatred of them. I’m not a pacifist," he said. "Guns win necessary wars and defeat tyrannical regimes like the Nazis...Nor do I have a problem with those who use guns for hunting or for sport." 

As for what he thinks should be done next, Morgan applauded President Obama's intentions to place a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. 

These measures, which will be resisted every step of the way, won’t stop all gun crime. Nor all mass shootings. There are too many guns out there, and too many criminals and mentally deranged people keen to use them. But the measures will at least make a start. And they will signal an intent to tackle this deadly scourge on American life.

You can read the full column here. What do you think of Morgan's stance?

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[via Daily Mail]