New Yorkers have officially become immortal. Well, not exactly, but they are living longer than ever. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the life expectancy of the average New Yorker is continuing to rise; it's currently at a record high of 80.9 years. According to the Health Department's annual report of births and deaths in the city, babies born in 2010 will live to be about 81 years old, a three-year increase over the past decade.

Infant mortality rates have also dropped by 23 percent over the past decade. Bloomberg credited this new information to health initiatives like the bans on smoking and soda, and programs that offer HIV testing and treatment. The report also showed that the African-American community had the greatest increase in life expectancy, while non-Hispanic whites saw the biggest drop in infant mortality.

The average life expectancy for someone born in the city is over two years longer than the rest of the country. New Yorkers—they're just like cockroaches.

[via Gothamist]