Attention: Gentlemen's clubs are designed to make you spend money. You get entertainment in the form of alcohol and scantily clad women, and in exchange you cough up money. Occasionally, you cough up a lot of money. One Manhattan man experienced horrific morning after regret following a wild night at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club—$28,000 worth of regret.

William Ilg filed a lawsuit claiming that he was fraudulently billed by the club in 2011, and Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez has dismissed it. IIg claims that he was served too many drinks, which left him “no longer capable of conducting financial transactions.” He demanded a full refund for the $28,109.60 night that he couldn't even remember.

Judge Mendez also dismissed IIg's other claim, where he alleged that the club lacked a proper liquor license and that he was given cocaine during the worst (best) night of his life. “There is no duty upon (Hustler Club) to protect plaintiff from the results of his (voluntary) intoxication,” Mendez wrote in his decision.

It doesn't matter how drunk you are—don't try ball out like a rapper if you can't. Shit, not even some rappers can ball out like rappers.

[via NY Daily News]