“The Hardest Film Festival in all of South Florida.” - Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell

The Art Basel hangover that’s descending on Miami now has a homegrown remedy: Borscht. Bookended by the massive art world orgy and the possibility of the Mayan apocalypse, South Florida’s pioneering Borscht Film Festival has set the stage for their [insert superlative of your choice, they’ll all work] show yet, running from December 13th through the 16th in Miami.

Created and curated by a semi-mysterious syndicate of Miami’s avant garde art and film communities, the dollop of cream on the top of this beast will be Borscht 8, an evening of locally produced films, features and shorts that showcase cinematic talent and stories from the climate-doomed, phallic-shaped state. Last year’s event saw Borscht’s fledgling films entered into of 40 international film festivals, not to mention a few million views all over the Internet and this year’s crop promises to fly even farther as the festival approaches critical/mass acclaim.

This year Borscht has invited international (and domestic) panels (and a few films) along with psychedelic science videos projected outdoors, a cease and desist letter from acclaimed ostrich, Chris Bosh and a friend and supporter in Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, originator of Booty Bass. Not good enough? The festival’s teaser has a nice wrap up of last year and some enticing clips from this year’s selections. Things are going to get weird. Currently, their website could use an update, but thankfully, Borscht’s experimental alter-ego, for the Bosh Film Festival (which is Friday Dec. 14th) is live and full of useful information about Chris Bosh, his adventures in the multiverse and of course, sweet gifs.

Buy your tickets now. Last year a whole mess of people didn’t get in. Also it was long, so bring a granola bar or rum or something. And if you can’t make it, don’t worry. Complex will report back with some highlights when we get back.


Imported Filmmakers:
"The Voice Thief" by Adan Jodorowsky (Mexico) + Asia Argento
"Waiting for Berta" by Laimir Fano (Cuba)
"Untitled Animation" by Julia Pott (UK)
"Soul O" by Sean Metelerkamp (South Africa) + Jacuzzi Boys

Domestic Filmmakers:
"Turd" by Andrew Zuchero (Philadelphia)
"Si Nos Dejan" by Celia Rowlson-Hall (Virginia)
"Sea Devil" by Calavera (New York)
"Untitled Stunt Spectacular": Ray Tintori (Court 13, New Orleans)

Local Filmmakers:
"When We Lived in Miami" by Amy Seimetz
"#PostModem" by Jillian Mayer + Lucas Leyva* (Which is now going to Sundance)
"Pineal Warriors" by The Rise of Supermeng: Egon von Schirach + Otto von Schirach + Blowfly
"Miami 1996" by Nick Corirossi + DJ Laz
"C#CKFIGHT" by Julian Yuri Rodriguez
"Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse" by Bleeding Palm
"Places Where We Lived" by Bernardo Britto
"The Coracle" by Coral Morphologic