Space Jam is a classic without a doubt, but let's be real here. A lot of us have already seen it at least 10 times, and it's about 16 years old. It's time for a new classic. A new cartoon basketball hero...a new cartoon basketball space hero.

Enter Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse, a animated short that features Chris Bosh as a  "disgraced space prince from another reality who saved the human race from that evil space sorceress that one time," according to one of the producers. In layman's terms, this may be the greatest, most hilarious film of all-time.

Bosh's lawyers may not think as highly of the film though. The folks running the Borscht Film Festival, which is hosting the clip, posted a cease-and-desist order on their Facebook. The letter says:

"You have not been granted any right whatsoever to use the Identity of Mr. Bosh.The unauthorized misappropriation of an individual's name or image for a commercial purpose is an infringement of his publicity rights, privacy rights and common law trademark rights. Such infringement subjects you, your employees and principals, and all individuals/entities associated with this activity, to serious liability."

Dan Devine's Yahoo! Article says that this "letter" may very well be a marketing ploy, because it's doubtful Bosh would really sue a small nonprofit organization for making such a film. Plus the company's Facebook page (note it's the "Bosh Film Festival") has a pretty funny response to the letter.

Hopefully, this isn't a real cease-and-desist letter because it'd show a poor sense of humor (or show that they'd rather Bosh make the jokes by himself).

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