An entirely new BioShock Infinite trailer was revealed last night at the 2012 VGAs. Composed entirely of in-game footage, and not cut-scenes or cinematics, the new trailer is looking pretty tight.

Our two protagonists meet for the first time, and are immediately on the run. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth spend most of the trailer blasting their way through the streets of the floating city of Columbia. We also get to see a little of the new combat and Sky-hook systems in action.

Booker uses the 'Murder of Crows' vigor on group of enemies, as well as crank operated rocket launcher. We also got to see the steam-punk cyborg 'Handyman' throw down. Booker has to throw everything at the guy to put him down, while Elizabeth helps with ammo. 

Not too shabby. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think on Twitter. And check out our BioShock Infinite preview. The game is scheduled for a March 26 2013 release.