Unlike most comic books on the shelf, The Walking Dead has only featured black and white artwork during its run so far. This brings a real creepy atmosphere to the book, and shows us that gore can still be pretty shocking, despite the lack of color. Well it looks like the people behind the TV show agree, because according to a retweed image from a magazine article on showrunner Glen Mazzara's Twitter account, the first two seasons of The Walking Dead will be aired in black and white on AMC this February.

Mazzara revealed an image from what looks to be The Walking Dead Magazine that confirms this news. The network previously aired only the pilot in black and white, but the results were so encouraging that it is going back for more. This gives the whole show a new feel that is similar to the likes of Night of the Living Dead and other classic horror flicks. We’ll update you further once the premiere dates are announced.

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[Twitter via Collider]