If you caught a glimpse of this year's Spike Video Game Awards then you might have seen @AlisonHaislip's embarrassing encounter with industry icon, Valve co-founder, and beloved step-father of PC gaming, Gabe Newell. It's hard to tell whether she had a bad cue card, a horrible brain fart, or legitimately had no idea who she was dealing with, but not knowing the name of one of gaming's most prominent and prolific figures is absolutely inexcusable if you're being paid to cover an event that celebrates their success.

As if calling him Gary wasn't bad enough, Haislip went on to apologize to a fake Gabe Newell account on Twitter (@GabrielNewell) hours later. Oh Alison, it would have been so easy to avoid all this egg on your face.

Should you ever find yourself at a high-profile video game event, surrounded by professionals who are far more important than you, there are a few names you should most definitely know if you want to avoid Haislipping. This guide doesn't cover them all, but if you pay enough attention you may save yourself from looking like a total lack-wit in their presence.