Portrayed by: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn, Dominic Monaghan, Michael Emerson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace, Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Emilie de Ravin, Henry Ian Cusick, Sonya Walger, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader, Nesetor Carbonell, Kiele Sanchez, Rodrigo Santoro, Harold Perrineau, Naveen Andrews

If you think we're being hyperbolic, clearly you haven't seen enough of this show. In addition to emotionally draining daddy issues, literally every adult main cast member on LOST had at least one tortured romance at one point or another, whether told through flashbacks, the on-island present, flash forwards, and yes, even the flash sideways.

Sure, the love triangle involving Jack (Fox), Kate (Lilly), and Sawyer (Holloway) was the main course, but if you watched the series, in a few short minutes you'll recall that all of the side drama you probably forgot about is equally tormented.

Remember the reveal that hateful half brother and sister Boone (Somerhalder) and Shannon (Grace) once had a one-night stand? Locke's epic saga of love and loss with Helen (Katey Sagal)? How about the time Charlie (Monaghan) lost his mind and almost drowned pseudo-girlfriend Claire's (de Ravin) baby?

Sawyer and Juliet (Mitchell)—whom Ben (Emerson) secretly nursed a homicidal, unrequited thing for once upon a time—would later morph the main triangle into a complicated rhombus. Sayid (Andrews) embarked upon a still-ridiculous island affair with material girl Shannon, in addition to nursing an age-old longing for his childhood friend Nadia. Then there's the epic, decades-, continents-, and dimension-spanning love story that is Desmond (Cusick) and Penny (Walger), which became an even bigger deal than Jack and Kate.

We could go on and on, but by now you get the idea. The only couple happy on this series was jovial old married couple Rose and Bernard. And they even had that one episode that was rife with strife.