Year: 1990
Developer: BlueSky Software
Sport: Golf
System: Atari 7800
Lowdown: In Ninja Golf, you were just a ninja, looking to have a nice pleasant round of golf. It's also apparently your final test before you can be an official ninja, but hey, there are movies based on a whole hell of a lot less. After you step to the tee and hit a real beauty of a shot, you run to your ball-yes, run-and encounter a series of traps, foes, or gophers (or sharks-flying sharks-if you're near a water hazard). Since you are, in fact, a ninja, you're also tasked with battling other ninjas who are intent on completely ruining your game. For the final hole, you have to defeat a dragon. It's like 'Happy Gilmore' meets 'Enter the Dragon': Unnecessary, stupid, but also, kind of inspired.