Neighborhood: NoHo
54 Great Jones St.
Price: $11.95 

The creole wings at Great Jones cannot be underestimated, though they've certainly been overlooked. However, just because Great Jones is a Southern restaurant best known for cheap burgers and great catfish, do not sleep on the wings.

Doused in a homemade hot sauce that hits all the right sweet and savory notes, the wings have the crispy skin chicken wing lovers would die for. But that sauce—the sauce is so good that, after you've finished the wings, you'll drag all the thin slices of carrot and other veggies that garnish the platter through the dregs just to keep the flavor in your mouth. When you're coating raw vegetables in wing sauce, something is right with the world (you know, aside from the wrong that is the wings being gone).

Great Jones Cafe will become the secret you share with all your friends.