The online pass is the newest bane of multiplayer gamers everywhere, requiring us to purchase games new or cough up an extra $10 or so just to play online. Sometimes, they even expire.

Luckily for Hitman: Absolution players in North America, the game's new Contracts mode won't require any kind of pass at all—it will be available as soon as the game launches next tuesday, without any fuss.

Even players outside North America, though, won't be asked to pay extra to access Contracts. Their game will come with an online pass code, true, but even if they buy its used and don't have the code, the pass can be downloaded online for free.

Why have the code at all, then? Your guess is as good as ours. Either way, this is surely a positive development for online gamers everywhere. Check out today's Hitman: Absolution launch trailer for more on the game. 

[via Joystiq]