Thanks to our helpful guide, you're, hopefully, getting a handle on Halo 4's multi-player scene. Microsoft has decided to be downright charitable by offering a new point scheme for online players.

The Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer explains the free points scheme. Log in over 140 hours in Halo 4 multi-player, and you can earn 600 MSP. 70 hours will net you 300, and 35 hours will grant you 100 points. Spending at least 3000 MSP on Halo merchandise will get you a cash back reward of 200 points, where spending at least 1500 MSP will get you 100 back.

So basically Microsoft is now a credit card company. Awesome. We kid, but this is perfect for those of you who know you will be pouring a ton of hours into the multi-player world. Let us know what you think on Twitter.