Residents of New York City will notice some major changes on their street corners in the upcoming weeks. Pay phones, once one of the most popular forms of communication, are being replaced with giant touchscreen information centers.

The iPad-like screens will provide users with city information, emergency broadcasts, and local business deals. The touchscreen platform project was formed by the City of New York, Cisco, and City 24/7.

GigaOm discussed the new project with City 24/7 CEO Tom Touchet:

“There’s a reason we started with pay phones. They’re legacy infrastructure that the city can utilize and revitalize quickly."

According to Touchet, the goal of the project can be simply described in three words, “inform, protect, and revitalize.”

Users will be able to retrieve information from the touch panels, such as coupons, by either Bluetooth or QR code. 

250 high-tech stations are set to be installed in the upcoming weeks according to City 24/7. NYC residents and tourists can check out live stations now at 12th & Broadway and 3rd Ave & 10th street.

[via GigaOm