Year: 2001

System: Nintendo GameCube

The Legacy: The GameCube controller aimed to take what Nintendo did with the 64, and size it down: Two directional controls aligned to one side, a "view" control (the "C-Stick") as a second analog on the right-hand side. Note the sharp influence of both the Virtual Boy and especially the NES Max "boomerang" shape that had come thirteen years prior. While the button layout wasn't perfect-some gamers felt that the "Y" button was slightly high on the controller body for their thumbs to reach-there was real brilliance in the GameCube controller.

See those curved, indented shoulder buttons? Finally, Nintendo had figured out how to put "triggers" on the top of a controller, instead of under it, and they managed to fit another button on there, too (the "Z" button). While the 64 might have wowed more people, the GameCube controller no doubt has more devotees for just how much of a cheeky crowd-pleaser it genuinely aimed to be.