Now that the overlords at Disney have nearly monopolized the entertainment industry with the purchase of Lucasfilm, we can expect to be besieged by details for the studio’s newly-planned Star Wars trilogy. And The Wrap might have our first bit of information as the site has posted a story where George Lucas’ biographer, Dale Pollock, is saying what Episodes 7, 8, and 9 might be about.

In the article, Pollock said that he read an outline for a potential 7th, 8th, and 9th Star Wars movie back in the ‘80s and that they focused on an older Luke Skywalker in his '30s and '40s. He also said that he felt these movies could be the best of them all, judging by the outlines. Mark Hamill played Skywalker in the original trilogy, and in those movies he was supposed to be anywhere from a teenager to his early '20s. So these movies could show him more as a Jedi master and teacher to a new generation. It isn't known if he will reprise the role yet. 

There is still the question of whether or not Disney will use Lucas’ older outlines for this new trilogy, or if the studio will hire its own people to work on the scripts. Lucas is still on board as a creative consultant for these films, but usually that’s just Hollywood slang for someone who sits back and cashes a fat check every two weeks.

Either way, whether we deal with an older Luke Skywalker, or a new cast, the main question is whether anyone will truly care about another installment in this money grab franchise at this point.

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[via The Wrap]