A father in Utica, MI is livid that his 15-year-old daughter got a lesson about pornography from her principal. The trouble began when Steven Werner's daughter, a student at Utica High School, received a stern talking to from Principal Janet Jones about the Halloween costume she wore to school. The costume (a similar picture appears above), included a black skirt and knee-high black stockings with pink bows. 

Werner says his daughter was summoned to Jones' office, where she was told "Honey, you look like a porn star." Apparently, Werner's daughter was confused by this, so Jones explained what a porn star was, as well as what they do for a living. When he learned of the lesson, Werner reached out to Jones. She owned up to everything, and even offered a life lesson, telling Werner "all men watch porn and it’s a fact of life and [he] should get real."

Werner's daughter was not sent home, but was ordered to turn the bows on her stockings around. Werner decided to clap back by putting a billboard on his trailer that reads: "Mrs. Jones taught my daughter about PORN" and “All men watch porn.” 

There's so much wrong here. First, Principal Jones could've simply explained that the girl's outfit was inappropriate without the color commentary. Second, it's a little difficult to believe that a 15-year-old girl attending a public school would be completely unfamiliar with the concept of pornography. Finally, Werner should be—and probably is—angry at himself for letting his daughter leave the house like that, assuming that he was aware.

[via Barstool Sports]