If you were excited about the upcoming Danny Trejo- Jessica Alba-starring film Machete Kills, better break out the pitchforks right now; According to Deadline, the producers of the first Machete film are suing to prevent Machete Kills from being released. 

Overnight Productions, which is the company that produced Machete in 2010, apparently wants to cut ties with director Robert Rodriguez's production company, Quick Draw Productions. They're claiming that they were not provided with Texas tax credit information from the company as detailed in their agreement, and that Quick Draw "failed and refused to provide the required budget information to Overnight Productions so that it can determine the producer fee owed with respect to the sequel." The owner of Overnight, Rich Schwartz, claims that he is owed at least $250,000 from Rodriguez's Quick Draw.

Overnight is suing for the rights to Machete Kills, requesting that the April 2012 agreement made with Quick Draw which transferred the rights of the film to Rodriguez be terminated. They are also seeking $2 million in damages. If Overnight manages to win the case, it could very well block the film from being released altogether.

There has been no comment from Rodriguez or Quick Draw yet.

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[via Deadline]