An Evil Controllers spokesperson sent us a brief message today to point out that the company's latest project, a lithium ion-powered Xbox 360 controller that promises to increase battery life and improve comfort, has reached its Kicsktarter goal of $15,000.

The Kickstarter went live around a week ago, and at the time we wondered whether the purported benefits of the new controller are worth an extra $50 (or more, depending how much you want to get out of your Kickstarter investment). Turns out a lot of people think it is, and we're definitely no going to argue with them.

The new Evil Controller can reportedly hold a charge for weeks, while maintaining power for ten straight hours of gameplay. Different donations can get you a new backplate and a modding kit for an existing controller, a pre-modded controller, and more.

There are plenty of other benefits, too—check out the Kicsktarter and watch the above video to learn more. There are still 26 days left, so get in now while the getting's good if you want to be part of what Evil Controllers swears is the next step in controller evolution.

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