Here's a word from the wise: Never turn a Dubai cab into an F-shack. A couple is now paying the price for their alleged escapade in the backseat of a cab. Rebecca Blake and Conor McRedmond have both been sentenced to three months in jail for having sex in the backseat of a cab. Blake and McRedmond deny the allegations, and will file an appeal for breach of honor with consent. 

The incident occurred back in May, and the cab driver pulled his vehicle over and called police, claiming that he saw Blake—sans her underwear—sitting in McRedmond's lap with his pants around his knees. Both admit to a 10-hour drinking binge, but Blake says that McRedmond was simply helping her regain her balance. According to a forensic report, there is no DNA evidence to prove that Blake and McRedmond had sex.

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[via The Huffington Post].