A California man was arrested for trying to snatch a woman's purse while "disguised" as Spiderman. 22-year-old Daniel James Bradley was taken into custody while still in costume after his attempted theft didn't go as planned. The woman had just parked her car and couldn't help but notice Bradley staring at her. At that point, he had a jacket over his costume, but then he ran over and ordered her to hand over her purse. 

The woman ran away screaming for help when she saw what she thought to be a gun, but turned out to be a metal pipe. Bradley threw the jacket and pipe in the bushes, and police apprehended him after a brief chase. When police asked him why he was dressed as Spiderman, he said it was his "disguise." He's clearly too stupid to be Spiderman.

He was charged with attempted robbery and held on $65,000 bail.

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[via LAist]