How much will people do for a few dollars and fleeting television fame? Quite a lot. No matter how stupid a game show's concept, you can be sure that there are folks eager to get on the series for their chance at winning prizes and cash on national television.

Take Syfy's Total Blackout, for instance. The series, hosted by Jaleel White, is based on a game show from Denmark of the same name and same concept: Producers place contestants in pitch black rooms, where they must compete in challenges, smelling and feeling unidentified objects to try to guess what they are. It doesn't sound so bad, but since this is a form of reality television, the game loves to torture its contestants for the sake of the sadistic viewer—oftentimes, the contestant will be smelling another man's ass or feeling a gigantic spider.

You've gotta wonder why people would continue to appear on a show that puts its contestants through so humiliation, but when the dollar signs are behind their eyes and the possibility of fame is blocking their vision, it's tough to see clearly. What's worse is, Total Blackout isn't even the most brutal concept of the game shows out there. In honor of the season two premiere of Total Blackout, here are our picks for the 25 Stupidest Ideas for Game Shows.

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Written by Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)