Starred: John Ritter, Katey Sagal, James Garner, David Spade, Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson, Martin Spanjers

Oftentimes thirsty execs will assemble a new sitcom with a cast comprised of stars of hit series past and assume that will, above all else, solidify it as a winner. It's obvious that the suits at ABC thought they'd struck gold with the pairing of sitcom legends Jack Tripper and Peg Bundy as the parents of a contemporary suburban family.

Sadly, they wasted the talent because the Hennessy family lacks the hilarious self-possessed cynicism of the Bundy's, and aren't nearly as interesting a foil for Ritter as Joyce DeWitt and Insert Hot Blonde were. Instead, viewers were treated to typical, boring, Modern Day Dad Doesn't Get His Hot Hormonal Teenage Daughters fare. After Ritter's tragic, untimely passing the series only sank lower, with the addition of that show-killing midget David Spade and James Garner, who stumbles through every bland scene and microwaved joke as if he's making up a huge debt he owed to Ritter or someone else on the series.

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