Season: 4
Air Date: 12/13/09

The shocking conclusion to Dexter's fourth season is so good that it has fans convinced to this day that all of season four was equally on-point. It wasn't, with a middle section that strained to create reasons why Dexter (Michael C. Hall) would let his prey, fellow serial killer and unhinged family man the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), live. "The Getaway" is great, though, because it makes Dexter pay for his misguided reluctance.

After being denied his man multiple times throughout the episode, Dexter finally gets Trinity during a thrilling final sequence, only to return home to find his infant son in a puddle of his mother's blood, and his wife—poor, innocent Rita (Julie Benz)—dead in the bathtub, her life taken by Trinity. However low Dexter sunk after, that chilling sight will be talked about for years to come.