It's election time again (who knew?), and for many that means another chance to feign political importance and proselytize shamelessly for some old guy who doesn't care about any of us. Don't all get excited at once.

From now through November 6, millions of wide-eyed, trusting Americans will flock to local polling places, brave mile-long lines and frustrating protocol to fulfill something their college professors once described as a "civic duty."

Even worse, though, is that fact that millions more will deliberately sit out the 2012 presidential election. Sure, the objectors' reasoning is usually valid (the system is broken, the candidates flawed, etc.), but the laughable state of American politics shouldn't excuse anyone from participating. At a time when politicians unapologetically refer to rape as "an act of god" and openly dismiss a large slice of the country as "victims," your decision to remain silent doesn't help anyone.

But you've made your decision, so probably you fall into one of these camps. Take solace in the fact that you aren't alone with 15 Reasons You Aren't Voting.