Original Air Date: November 30, 2002
Director: Kevin Connor
Stars: Nick Stabile, Judd Nelson, Lauren Holly

In the grand tradition of Hallmark turning the holiday season into a virtual minefield of sappiness, Santa Jr. tells us the story of Santa Claus’ son, Chris Kringle Jr. In the movie, Kringle gets arrested for trespassing and is accused of trying to steal Christmas gifts while he was simply delivering presents. He then tries to clear his name with the help of a court-appointed attorney, and learns to embrace his family’s lineage.

We’re sure you had to pop a couple of Aspirin after reading that plot synopsis, but you’ll probably need a handful more after you find out that this movie briefly brought Judd Nelson back from the beyond to play the cop who busted Santa’s worthless offspring. Anyone with even a shred of taste should stay away from this film, but for the morbidly curious there is a drinking game you can play along with this. Every time you feel like throwing the remote at your TV in disgust, take a shot. Just prepare to have your stomach pumped by the halfway point.