Apple's latest product release is always a hot commodity— a fact that certainly isn't lost on the bandits and black marketeers of the world. The company was the victim of a large scale heist at JFK Airport in New York this week, where two men absconded with multiple crates containing approximately $1.5 million worth of iPad Minis.

The crooks struck a cargo building at the airport shortly before midnight, using an on-site forklift to load two pallets full of iPad Minis onto a truck, The New York Post reports. They would likely have taken three more pallets that were present had they not been interrupted by an airport worker who returned to the scene.

In all, 3,600 iPad Minis were stolen. The sought-after devices had just arrived from China and were set to be distributed to Apple Stores all over the country. Now they're headed straight for back alley retailers who won't treat them nearly as nicely and probably don't even where laniards.

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