Boys Don't Cry was an important, well-done, and pivotal film in many respects, but there's one area where we just can't give it a thumbs up: the hotness level of the sex scene between Lana and Brandon. Genuine, yes. Sweet, sure. Turn-on? Not in the least.

First off, there's the built-in teenage awkwardness, with its clumsy groping and stilted movements. We left all those years long behind and we're not looking to relive them. Then there's the whole conundrum with Lana thinking that Brandon has a man's equipment down below, when the truth is, there just the familiar old lady parts.

Brandon's need to maintain his secret while thoroughly impressing Lana creates quite a bit of additional fumbling, stumbling, and prolonged groping. And as the scene crawls forward, we're obsessed with one big question. Will he slip out up?