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If this photo of Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his wife, Janna, doing dishes in an Ohio soup kitchen seems forced to you, congratulations—you're not blind.

The Romney campaign was in town over the weekend, and decided to bust into the kitchen of the St. Vincent DePaul dining hall for a staged photo op of the Ryan family gettin' busy in the kitchen, clad in white aprons. Those dishes already look clean.

St. Vincent DePaul Society President Brian Antal told the Washington Post that, had the Romney campaign went through the process of requesting that the Ryan family be allowed to volunteer properly, they still would've been denied. St. Vincent DePaul is a non-partisan, "apolitical" organization, so the last thing they want is opportunistic candidates using them for their agendas while trying to manufacture something genuine.

According to a spokesperson for Ryan, the campaign went through the proper channels to arrange the appearance. This is not the way to make the country forget about his debate performance, or Mitt Romney's hilariously awkward appearance at a Chipotle in Denver. It might look like they care, but only on camera.
[via ABC News]