Year Of Birth: 1994
Year Of Demise: 2007
Ceo: Jim Barksdale
Founded By: Jim Clark & Marc Andreessen

It's not hyperbole to say Netscape was one of the most important companies in the history of the Internet. The computer services company is credited with developing JavaScript and had an incredibly rewarding IPO as its stock soared from $28 to more than $75 on the first day of trading. At its peak, Netscape Navigator's market share was over 90-percent. November 24, 1998 would prove to be the turning point in the company's history as AOL announced it would acquire Netscape for over $4 billion. Some saw it simply as a play by AOL to unshackle itself from Microsoft (AOL's browser was based on Internet Explorer). Updates began to slow and the browser began to shed users. By 2003, Time Warner had disbanded Netscape, laid-off the programmers, and removed the logo from its building.