Movie: The Roommate (2011)

This movie, about college students thrown into shared living spaces in their freshman year, is a tangled web in which every girl seems to be a lesbian, a dormant lesbian, or considering lesbianism. Sara, played by Minka Kelly, is surrounded by lesbians—hot lesbians. What school is this, Hot Lesbian State? (And where is it located and what sort of SAT scores would we need get in?)

Sara's roommate Rebecca (Meester) goes hot lesbian on her, and not in a good way—she's sort of a hybrid of the psycho babes in Single White Female and Fatal Attraction. Not good. Sara considers moving in with Irene (Harris), who also happens to be a hot lesbian, and then—what are the odds?—Rebecca and Irene have a hot lesbian hookup at a hot lesbian club, and head back to Rebecca's for hot lesbian sex. Are we over-using the phrase "hot lesbian" here? Well, that's sort of how you feel when you watch the movie.