50 people became ill at the "Haunted Coliseum" that went down at Nassau Coliseum over the weekend. Police began receiving calls to the massive electronic dance music concert after reports that several people were either under the influence of drugs or alcohol. After realizing the staggering number of people that were sick, police decided to shut the party down. 

According to the Post, authorities found "dozens of young people passing out and throwing up." Here's what Newsday had to say:

After Otto Knows and 20 minutes into DJ Alesso’s set, the lights came up, the music shut down and people were told to hit the exits at 11:15 p.m. This was just over an hour past the 10 p.m. start and before Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia ever took the stage. The crowd chanted, "This is bull----!" as if the Islanders got a bad call from a ref but then followed instructions to evacuate the building.

Among the drugs of choice? Molly and ecstasy, of course. Witnesses also reported seeing alcohol hidden in Gatorade bottles. Apparently, there were several minors in the midst of the madness, and complained that the event should have an 18-and-over policy.

[via Gothamist]