Roku has already carved out a nice niche for itself as an inexpensive TV and movie streaming solution for those who would rather not receive a cable bill every month. Now the company is expanding its profile even further, teaming up with 3M to create an inexpensive device that can replace your TV all together.

The 3M Streaming Projector, $300, has a Roku Streaming Stick built in with Wifi support and a rechargeable battery. That means you don't have to plug it into anything— just pick up the compact projector and take it anywhere for instant viewing of your favorite content on Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video and more.

The Streaming Projector projects at up to 60 lumens with a diagonal viewing size of up to 120 inches. It uses DLP Cinema technology for a crisp image that will give you that movie theater experience. Cable cutters on the hunt for an inexpensive projector, head this way.

[via Uncrate]

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