In a sign that the rift between Samsung and Apple is running ever deeper, the Korean tech giant has told the Korea Times that it will no longer manufacture display panels for Apple devices beginning next year.

This is a big shift given that Samsung was the single largest supplier of displays to Apple as recently as the beginning of this year. Gradually, however, Sammy's role in supplying the panels has been dwindling, with other companies like LG and Japan Display Inc. stepping in to pick up the slack.

According to Korea Times, the reason for the pullback is simple economics— Samsung didn't feel it was making enough money making the displays for Apple since the Cupertino company demands major discounts from all its suppliers.

Samsung still makes a number of other components that feature in Apple products, such as the processors found in the iPhone and the iPad. But even on that front, Samsung's role appears to be winding down. In the wake of this summer's Apple v. Samsung ruling, the two companies continue to grow further and further apart.

[via Venture Beat]