Marco Annoni and Riccardo Zilli want to make it so you can watch porn without the subsequent feeling of shame and inadequacy that sets in after you close your laptop. The Milan-based duo plans to do this with their new not-for-profit website

The site would allow people to sign up and upload and watch porn for free. (Awesome). Each user account would be linked to one or more charitable causes. When you watch a video, the money an advertiser paid to run with, or around, the video will then be donated to the charity attatched to your account. (Even more awesome). is currentely raising money on the crowd-funding site Annoni and Zilli have managed to raise $5,132 of their $12,049 goal, and have 23 days left. 

Porn's been going through a hell of a transformation in 2012. First ICANN debuted a series of specific top-level domains that make it easier for people to identify (and block) adult sites. Then there was Offbeatr, the site that acted as the Kickstarter for porn. Then, similar to, popular streaming porn site, Pornhub, announced that for breast cancer awareness month it would donate one cent for every 30 views of its "Bit Tits" or "Small Tits" videos. 

Porn for peace. We can dig it. 

[via CNET]