Facebook has started working with data aggregator Datalogix in effort to display more suitable advertisements based on your offline purchases.

Datalogix has collected consumer data worth around $1 trillion from almost every U.S. household. The data is compiled from retailer loyalty card programs, e-mails, and phone numbers. Facebook hopes its work with Datalogix will attract more advertisers to the social network.

However, this poses quite the privacy snafu for consumers. What if Facebook's millions of users don't want the Datalogix's data shared with the world's largest social network that has in the past found itself in hot water regarding the way it handles user information and privacy? 

It's pretty simple, actually.  

It can be done in just a few clicks. First, visit Datalogix privacy page here. Scroll down to "Choice" and simply click the link in the last paragraph to “opt out of all Datalogix-enabled advertising & analytic products.”

Sorry Facebook, you can't get involved in users lives outside of the social network.

[via Read Write Web]