If a week goes by without some Lindsay Lohan-related fuckery, was it even a week at all?

The troubled actress and her even more troubled family are in the news again, after Lilo got into a fight with her mom Dina. As the story goes, mom and daughter were out partying and there was some disagreement between the two about where to go after they left. Mom wanted to go back to Long Island, while Lindsay wanted to go to her hotel. They eventually settled on LI. But on the way there they got into a fight, and Lindsay called her father, Michael, to complain.

TMZ obtained audio of the call. It's pretty amazing. Some highlights from it include:

On Dina's drug use

Lindsay: "Dad, she's on cocaine, she's like touching her neck and shit."

On giving Dina $40,000

Michael: "You do everything for everyone—you gave mom 40 thousand [dollars]?"

Lindsay: "Yes." Michael: "When did you give it to her?"

Lindsay: "Because she needs to keep her house."

Michael: "She's full of shit. She's lying to you, Lindsay. She's lying."

Lindsay: "Me and [Lindsay's brother] Michael did it for her. Me and Michael did it."

On Dina calling the cops

Lindsay: I have to go back to the house because I have to, like, leave tomorrow. I have to work and there's, like, a [edited]. She called the cops, she said. But I'm supposed to go home and I'm afraid she's going to do the same shit that I was describing to you, arrest me like she did to you."

On "disgusting things"

Lindsay: She said disgusting things to me.

Michael: She's horrible Lindsay.

Lindsay: She just said I'm dead to her. I'm dead to her now.

Dina (in the background): That's right, you're dead to me....

[via Gawker]