It looks like James Cameron will be stepping away from Pandora for a bit after Avatar 3 because The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that the director has purchased the movie rights to the novel The Informationist in the hopes of directing the movie at 20th Century Fox with John Landau on as producer. Cameron has previously stated that he will only stick to directing Avatar movies in the future, but it seems like the pull of The Informationist was just too strong.

The Informationist focuses on Vanessa “Michael” Munroe, a woman born in central Africa who spends her teenage years as a protégé of gunners and mercenaries. She later becomes an information dealer for the rich, and when a billionaire hires her to find his daughter who went missing in Africa, she finds herself back home. The book was published in 2011, and was written by Taylor Stevens.

This project seems to follow in Cameron’s habit of bringing strong females to the screen. He did it in Aliens and Terminator 2, and it looks like The Informationist is next.

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[via THR]