As Seen In: "The Great Recession" (Season 5)
Location: 3rd St. and Dickinson St.

We hate to break it to you, but there's no Paddy's Pub in Philly. All of the bar's interior scenes are filmed in L.A., but in this outdoor scene, you can see a sign for Dickinson Street in the distance, with the 200 block to the east and the 300 block to the west. This would place the bar around the corner from 3rd and Dickinson. The show has always alluded to the bar being in South Philly, and this block of Dickinson Street does actually exist in South Philly, but it looks nothing like it does during this episode. This means they probably erected a fake street sign somewhere in L.A., but used the name of an actual Philly street in the spirit of verisimilitude.

On the show, Paddy's is located in a seedy neighborhood, but the actual block is a residential neighborhood complete with a barbershop and funeral home. There is in fact an alleyway, but if you bust a right like Mac and Dennis do, you'll see houses instead of a bar, and a church on the other side of the narrow alley.