Drake's having a bad day. At least that's what we can gather from his Twitter account. About a half hour ago, the Young Money star tweeted the following: 

We've been there before. (Not really. We've never dropped our phone in a glass of Pinot, but we have gotten them wet). It sucks. But we have good news, Drake: there's hope for your BlackBerry! If you didn't yet send one of your boys to the store to cop a new one, try this: 

  1. Remove the phone from the wine glass. Duh. Do not turn it back on. This may cause the phone to short circuit. 
  2. Remove the battery immediately. Like, right now. 
  3. Take out your SIM card. We don't want you to lose any more valuable verses.
  4. Get a towel and gently wipe away as much wine as you possibly can. Make sure not to move the phone too much while doing this. 
  5. If you have a vacuum or a can of compressed air sitting around, use that to dry up any additional moisture. 
  6. Get a bowl. Get some rice. Drop the phone in the bowl of rice and let it sit overnight. 
  7. The next morning, remove the phone from the bowl of rice and let it sit on a towel. Let it sit over night. 
  8. Try to turn it on. 

Hopefully that works. If not, well, you're rich. Cheer up.