It's been far too long since we've been able to spill the blood of immortals in our quest to claim our own god-hood. Our slaying arm aches for the heat of battle.

Sorry. Sometimes when I watch these trailers I spend the rest of the day talking like that. I think I actually told the guy at the laundromat to 'yield' this morning.

PlayStation Plus members will get the chance to enter the God of War: Ascension Multi-player Beta early this winter, months before the game is released in March 2013. We talked about the multi-player mode here, but it's been a minute since we've gotten any new news regarding the new mode.

In God of War multi-player, each player will align themselves with one of the four big Gods. Each God will grant a different set of unlockable powers, armor sets, and abilities, which leads to a specific style for every God “class.” As we all know Zeus is a giant cry-baby, so the first God you align with in the Beta is him. Check out the trailer to get a better idea of how the God "class" thing is going to work.

If you really want to show the world how much of Kratos fan you are you could always go this route, and get a little tattoo.

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