Now that Facebook has over one billion users, the world's largest social network wants those users to start interacting more with all the businesses that use the service. The company today announced the inclusion of a "Want" button. 

Stores with pages on Facebook have to enable the feature, but once they do users will be able to visit their pages and click the Want button when they see something they like so much they just gotta have it. Products users want will be added to wishlist feature that friends can view. If you've used Amazon's wishlist feature, you'll get the idea. 

Speaking to FOX News, a Facebook spokeswoman said the new button is meant to help foster relationships with customers and businesses. 

"Today, we are beginning a small test in which a few select businesses will be able to share information about their products through a feature called Collections.”

Once the items are "wanted," they'll wind up in Facebook's Collection feature where they will be able to buy the product. Facebook hasn't stated whether or not it plans to take a piece of the money spent by Facebook users, but it will help relationship between companies and the social network. 

With a marketplace already in place where people can sell goods, is Facebook planning to take on Amazon? 

[via FOX News]