Apple today announced its fourth quarter profit report and you'll be glad to know the world's largest tech company is doing quite fine.

In the last quarter, which ended on September 30, the company's net income was $8.22 billion, up from $6.62 billion last year. Year-to-year revenue was up, too: $35.97 billion compared to $28.27 billion. So, what caused the spike?

The iPhone. 

Despite releasing the iPhone 5 with nine days left in the quarter, sales of the new handset greatly helped Apple's bottom line. In the previous quarter, Apple's revenue from iPhone sales was $17.13 billion, 48 percent of the company's overall revenue. The company moved 26.9 million iPhones, 58 percent more than it did the same time last year. 

So, yeah, the iPhone is Apple's most important product. But, what about the iPad, you ask? Apple made $7.51 billion from tablet sales. Nothing to turn your nose up at, but not as gargantuan the iPhone. We'll see if the iPad Mini evens those numbers out. 

[via NY Times]