Apple recently announced its competitor to smaller tablet devices like Google's Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire, the iPad Mini. Along with a larger screen than its competitors, and a thinner profile, Apple's new tablet also sports a $130 premium. Amazon took advantage of its price and feature highlights in its latest ad on

On Amazon's homepage an excerpt of from tech blog Gizmodo prominently placed on the top of the page:

"...your [Apple's] 7.9-inch tablet has far less pixels than the competitng 7-inch tablets! You're cramming a worse screen in there, charging more and accusing others of compromise? Ballsy."

Following the quote, there is a side-by-side comparison of the specs and price of the Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini (Photo #2), with the headline “Much More for Much Less." This is definitely something new for Amazon, as the company usually does not indulge in such sharp, direct advertisements toward competitors.

[via Geekwire]