For a murderous group of slavers and drug dealers, the pirates on Far Cry 3's island don't keep a very tight grip on transportation. There are cars everywhere, and they all seem to have their keys in the ignition. But our favorite find while we were playing took us out onto the water.

Driving down the road, minding our own business, we'd been set upon by three vehicles full of gun-toting baddies. Attempting to run one off the road, we found ourselves careening down a cliffside instead. Naturally, the car wasn't in great shape after this, so we got out and sprinted down the beach, sure we were about to be gunned down from behind.

But lo and behold, what should we find but a damn jet ski, primed and waiting for us. After that, escape was easy. This is the type of exciting dynamic event that this game is going to be known for.