It looks like everyone in this new Metal Gear Rising; Revengeance trailer from the Tokyo Game Show has a few cyborg bits.

My Japanese is a little rusty, but I'm thinking I still got the gist from the trailer. I think it's just confirming a few things. Cyborg ninjas can cut enemies up like a butcher at closing time, it's totally possible to deflect bullets with a katana, running into missiles and leaping up them like you were a coked up Frogger is not only possible, but encouraged, and there are a ton of other cyborgs out there that want to cut you into AAA battery sized pieces.

Yeah, that's what the Japanese translation is, roughly. This new trailer introduces us to some of the game’s major baddies including a dual sword fighter called Sundowner, a multi-armed cyborg, that could be the greatest masseuse in the world, named Mistral, and another cyborg Ninja known as Monsoon.

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