Despite the fact that films like The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Ted, and Magic Mike all made some serious cash at the box office in recent months, The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that movie attendance for this summer will likely be the lowest in two decades. In the article, the website reported:

According to preliminary estimates, 533.5 million tickets were sold this summer, down 4 percent from last year and the worst turnout since 1993. The lowest attendance before now came in summer 2010, when there were 534.4 tickets sold.

Total summer revenues also slipped. Initial estimates show the domestic box office generating $4.278 in billion in sales, down roughly 3 percent from last summer's record $4.4 billion.

Aside from the movies that made ridiculous money this summer, studios were besieged by flops and under-performing flicks like Dark Shadows, Rock of Ages, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Total Recall, and a host of others. 

There is hope that the success of The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, and Prometheus will give birth to some long-lasting, money making franchises, but with how astronomical these film budgets have gotten, making a huge profit is getting harder and harder for studios.

[via THR]