Funniest Role: Olive in Easy A (2010)
Memorable Quote: “I think I was drawn to comedy originally because when I was really young, by the time I was eight I had seen movies like The Jerk, Animal House, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles with my dad, and I knew them by heart, I loved them and my dad loved them, and we would laugh together, and I would think, ‘This is love.’ I just wanted to make people feel like that.”

It's impossible to find someone who hates Emma Stone. She's hilarious, she's charming, she's smart, and she's in some of the best movies we've seen about zombies and school slut shamings in a long time. As if her smokey voice wasn't sexy enough, she can also tell Ryan Gosling off about his ridiculous photoshopped bod. We have fellow hot funny girl, Gilda Radner, to thank for that; her old SNL sketches helped draw Stone towards to comedy. If not for Radner and Steve Martin, we'd just have another hot red head on our hands.