Popular DIY and troubleshooting website FixYa has gone mobile with an iOS app. Unlike the website, users won't be required to write out a description of their problem, instead they can simply record it on their iPhone. 

GigaOm recently interviewed FixYa CEO Yaniv Bensadon and discussed the purpose of the new app: 

“Show me what your problem is and I will show you the solution” Bensadon also explained the synchronization of the app with the website,  “As soon as a question is posted, it’s gonna appear on the site.” 

FixYa pulls in about 30 million users a month but only 20 percent visit the site from a mobile device. The goal of the new app is to provide convenience for users and increase mobile traffic.

Additionally, the app will help generate revenue for FixYa by offering recommendations to local retailers and service providers for appliances that can't be fixed yourself. The recommendation feature is currenty limited to California, but FixYa plans to expand it to other regions by early next year.

Start checking out videos to fix various appliances around your home by downloading the FixYa app here.

[via GigaOm]