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So you've probably heard by now: Nintendo is launching their next platform, the Wii U, on November 18th.

It didn't take a whole lot of thinking to figure that figure out that Nintendo would try and get the Wii U out into the world before Black Friday, a.k.a. don't get trampled or maced day. Still, you never know what kind of supply chain problems or freak accidents can get in the way, so it's good to know we're going to be seeing the Wii U in time to put it on our holiday wish lists.

The date of the Wii U's coming out party was only the first part of the announcement, though: Bundles were laid out, rumors were confirmed, and new games were announced! In other words, a whole lot of stuff happened. Now that we've sifted through all the info, here's everything we heard, saw, and played as Nintendo gave us a little glimpse into the future of one of the biggest names in gaming.